Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Weeks after Surgery. Removal of staples

2 weeks after surgery, I was anxiously awaiting today. They day they would remove the staples from my leg. Since the staples would dig into my skin, I could not wait for them to come out. I talked to several people to assured me it would feel like a "pinch" and would not hurt. Let me tell you, THEY LIED!!! It hurt so bad. Yes, it felt like a pinch, but more like they were tweezing hairs from my legs one hair at a time.

After that tourture, the put tincature to prevent my legs from getting infected. Can you say OUCH!! That burns!! But then it went away.

Now comes the time to get re-cast. My friend told me it would feel nice and warm and he really liked it. So, I was looking forward to the same experience. Well, the doctor wanted me to position my foot at a 90 degree angle. I thought sure, no biggie, till I did it. Instant tears came running down my face. I had no idea how much that would hurt and how sore and stiff my ankle is. I was trying to be strong, but the tears would not stop coming down.

It's interesting to see how they cast your leg. It's not at all what I had invisioned in my head. But the gauzes were warm and if it weren't for the fact my foot had to be at a 90 degree angle, I would have actually enjoyed it.

So now, I have a new cast on my leg for another 4 weeks. Absolultly no weight bearing at all. After 4 weeks, I might get promoted to a walking cast. We'll see how that goes.

The doctor was the one who assisted on my surgery. He told me, " I remember you, you had one of the worse breaks I have ever seen" WoW, that's pretty bad. Then they were teasing that the doctor did a great job on my pedicure. LOL

It's amazing how many people pay attention to my toes. Thank God, I had a pedicure 2 days before my accident.

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